Veterans Services

Veterans Village Services

Veterans Village is comprised of seven fully furnished two-bedroom townhomes. While providing stability and the well-being of the residents, each person can receive the following services while living at Veterans Village:

Peer Support

Am I able to speak with someone who has been through this before? YES! You will be able to speak privately with peers who are Veterans, service members or military spouses.

Case Management Services

We help you develop life skills such as coping, communication, and conflict resolution that aid in recovery from acute adversity such as job loss, substance abuse, PTSD and other mental illness.

Long-term Housing

DCCSB provides housing services for Veterans who are experiencing homelessness.

Medication Management

DCCSB provides Veterans with reliable, evidence-based medication information in an efficient manner for you, along with your health care team, to make informed decisions about your medications.

Individual/Family Therapy

Individual therapy is a confidential collaboration between you and your therapist. Group therapy allows you to discuss personal struggles in a supportive group environment.

Substance Abuse Services

Individually or as a group, our Substance Abuse Counselors are focused on helping you identify problems, maintain sobriety and develop healthy patterns of behavior.

Job Placement Services

Our Employment Specialists can help you learn new skills or begin a new job.

Psychiatric Services

Health care providers work with you to provide safe and effective treatment for the whole person, head to toe, inside and out using a Whole Health approach.

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